I have received several awards for my site. Here are some of the reviews, and some excerpts of email I have received.


"The search engine just for kids" is an Australian site specializing in child-safe sites. You can find their review of my site under the category: School Time - Math.

"Your Quarks to Quasars site has been selected to receive the Griffith Observatory Star Award for the week of Jan. 12 - 18 (2003) for excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web."


WebCT is a resource for online education for schools, teachers, and students. It was originally developed at the University of British Columbia in Canada. My site is referenced in several categories including astronomy, human biology, and quantum theory.

The Canadian Mathematics Society has added my site to its "Knot a Braid of Links" project. KaBoL is a "cool math site of the week" service. Check out their Braid of Links and their review of my site -- I'm knot 185.


The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse has reviewed my site. You can find their review by accessing their site, selecting Digital Dozen, then Search Digital Dozen for "quarks".


From Australia: "I have just returned from a three hour trip on your website. It is the most enjoyable and informative 3 hours that I have spent in the last 10 years."

From England: "I was just browsing your website - excellent work! I had completely forgotten how much I enjoyed this when I saw the film so many years ago."

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