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This is a block diagram of my site. See below for some additional navigation tips. Note that there are two sets of image pages: One set describes the images from a low to high power perspective; the other set assumes a high to low power approach. The images and text are tailored to the direction of your particular journey. When you select a negative power from the Index, you are sent to the Up path, on the assumption that you will be going from lower to higher powers. If you select zero or a positive power from the index, you jump to the Down path.

The pages are set up so that you can freely change direction at any point: Whenever you select a higher power you are sent to the up path, and you are put on the down path if you select a lower power. The main pages are color-coded: a red title and border for the down side and a blue title and border for the up side.

There is a completely separate presentation in the Frames section.

Navigation Tips

Plan to spend some time here. You may want to bookmark the Home page. There are over 200 pages and a growing collection of images and external links. I believe you will find this site worth some of your time.

On each of the main image pages, you may choose among several options:

  • To choose any of the powers of ten, select .
  • To view a lower power of ten, select one of the three down buttons (, , or ) or click inside the small box in the center of the current image.
  • To view a higher power of ten, select one of the three up buttons (, , or ) or click the image anywhere outside the small center square.
  • To jump to 100 -- the one meter image -- select .
  • To view additional images and to read text related to the current power of ten, select . Buttons on the MoreInfo pages allow you to return to the main pages or to jump between adjacent MoreInfo pages.
  • To return to the last page you viewed, select your brower's Back button.
  • Select the Frames button to explore the powers of 10 using frames.

Credits and dedication

Copyright © 2016 by Bruce Bryson