10-7 meters

More at 100 nanometers

Include some text discussing the meaning of this table. This table of amino acids includes all the amino acids required by life on Earth. Stress that all life uses the same code. The sequence of DNA codes for a specific sequence of amino acids which in turn build up the proteins necessary for living functions.



AAA Lysine
AAG Lysine
AAC Asparagine
AAT Asparagine
AGA Arginine
AGG Arginine
AGC Serine
AGT Serine
ACA Threonine
ACG Threonine
ACC Threonine
ACT Threonine
ATA Isoleucine
ATG Methionine (Start)
ATC Isoleucine
ATT Isoleucine
GAA Glutamic Acid
GAG Glutamic Acid
GAC Aspartic Acid
GAT Aspartic Acid
GGA Glycine
GGG Glycine
GGC Glycine
GGT Glycine
GCA Alanine
GCG Alanine
GCC Alanine
GCT Alanine
GTA Valine
GTG Valine
GTC Valine
GTT Valine
CAA Glutamine
CAG Glutamine
CAC Histidine
CAT Histidine
CGA Arginine
CGG Arginine
CGC Arginine
CGT Arginine
CCA Proline
CCG Proline
CCC Proline
CCT Proline
CTA Leucine
CTG Leucine
CTC Leucine
CTT Leucine
TAC Tyrosine
TAT Tyrosine
TGG Tryptophan
TGC Cysteine
TGT Cysteine
TCA Serine
TCG Serine
TCC Serine
TCT Serine
TTA Leucine
TTG Leucine
TTC Phenylalanine
TTT Phenylalanine

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